Cardi B Defends Will Smith For The Accusations And Says She No Longer Forgives Youtuber Tasha K: "some People Never Change"

Luis Suela

Cardi B changes her tune about forgiveness towards Tasha K amidst drama with Will Smith

In the midst of the ongoing drama between Cardi B and YouTuber Tasha K, a surprising turn of events has unfolded. Cardi B, known for her strong and outspoken nature, has taken a different stance on forgiveness, all because of Will Smith's recent controversy.

During an Instagram Live session, Cardi B defended the renowned actor, expressing her disappointment in how she had been fooled just a few weeks ago. She emphasized, "Some people just never change," which seemed to reference her strained relationship with Tasha K.

Previously, Cardi had considered easing up on Tasha K, who owed her over $3 million in damages for defamation. However, the recent incident involving Will Smith seemed to have shifted her perspective entirely. Cardi expressed her admiration for the actor, stating, "I don't like what people be doing to Will Smith. I feel like he has a nice heart, and that's the thing."

Cardi also made an interesting connection, highlighting the fact that both she and Will Smith are Libras who often find themselves being tested. She vented her frustrations, saying, "Ya'll be doing that to Will Smith. And I don't like that some people never f—ing change. I'm so tired of people picking on that man. Deadass."

This change in Cardi's outlook is significant, considering her history with Tasha K. In 2019, Cardi filed a defamation lawsuit against Tasha K, alleging that the YouTuber spread false information about her. Ultimately, the court ruled in Cardi's favor, proving that Tasha K had indeed defamed the rapper.

Cardi B's unwavering support for Will Smith and her realization that some people never change highlights the depth of her disappointment. It is evident that this recent controversy has not only impacted her opinion of forgiveness but has also intensified the ongoing feud between her and Tasha K.

As we delve further into this ongoing saga, it is crucial to examine the impact it has had on both Cardi B and the wider entertainment industry. Stay tuned to explore the reactions from fans and industry professionals alike as we continue to unpack the layers of this entangled web of unforgiveness, publicity, and drama.

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