Lil Wayne Reportedly Left 50 Cent's Show After Being Shoved Backstage

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Lil Wayne Reportedly Left 50 Cent's Show After Being Shoved Backstage

Lil Wayne Reportedly Left 50 Cent's Show After Being Shoved Backstage

The Final Lap Tour featuring 50 Cent has encountered a series of unfortunate incidents recently, with two headline-grabbing moments taking center stage. First, the tour took an unexpected turn when Lil Wayne, slated for a surprise appearance, abruptly left the stage before performing. Adding to the chaos, 50 Cent made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he accidentally injured an audience member with a thrown microphone. These incidents have cast a shadow over what was supposed to be a memorable musical event.

The drama surrounding Lil Wayne's departure unfolded during the Los Angeles leg of the tour. As Wayne prepared to take the stage for his surprise appearance, he was reportedly shoved aside by backstage staff, leaving him no choice but to storm out of the venue. A backstage source described the scene, saying, "He just stormed out," adding that Wayne spent a mere 20 minutes in the building. Fans were left disappointed, missing out on the unique charisma that only Lil Wayne could bring to the stage.

Despite the unexpected setback in Los Angeles, Lil Wayne managed to redeem himself later in the week as part of a different superstar tour. He remained in Los Angeles to perform as part of Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour, delighting fans with his unmatched talent.

On the flip side, 50 Cent's performance during the Final Lap Tour was marked by a shocking incident involving a thrown microphone. Frustrated with technical difficulties causing his microphones to malfunction, 50 Cent tossed one into the crowd in a fit of frustration. Tragically, the microphone struck Bryhana Monegain, a host from Power 106, leaving her with a severe laceration on her head. Monegain shared images of her injuries on social media, showing the extent of the damage and her bloodied outfit.

In the aftermath of the incident, 50 Cent found himself embroiled in legal trouble. The LAPD named him as a suspect in a battery case, initiating an investigation into the matter. His attorney, Scott Leemon, issued a statement vehemently denying any intention to harm anyone. Leemon stated, "Let's be very clear, as I told LAPD this afternoon, my client, Curtis [50 Cent], would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone. Anyone saying something different doesn't have all the facts and is misinformed." Despite this defense, the police continued their investigation.

This string of unfortunate events has left fans and organizers disappointed, overshadowing the otherwise successful performances by Nas, YG, Chris Brown, and Tyga during the tour. The Final Lap Tour, hosted at LA's Arena, was expected to be a highlight of the musical calendar. However, these incidents have cast a pall over the tour, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of attendees.

As the Final Lap Tour nears its end in Toronto at the close of September, it's clear that this chapter of the tour will be remembered for the wrong reasons. The tour's finale in New Zealand in mid-December presents an opportunity for redemption, but it remains to be seen whether the dark cloud that has loomed over the tour can be dispelled by then.

The Final Lap Tour featuring 50 Cent has been marred by two significant incidents: Lil Wayne's unexpected departure from the stage and 50 Cent's microphone mishap that left a host injured and initiated a police investigation. 

These incidents have taken the shine off what was supposed to be a remarkable musical event, leaving fans and organizers disappointed as the tour approaches its conclusion. The future of the tour's reputation and 50 Cent's legal situation remain uncertain, casting a shadow over the otherwise star-studded lineup and promising performances by other artists on the tour.

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