Chrisean Rock Is Facing A 4-Year Probation Sentence For Drug Case

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Chrisean Rock Is Facing A 4-Year Probation Sentence For Drug Case

It was a week full of good news for Chrisean Rock. The Crazy In Love star finally gave birth to her first child with Blueface, whom she named after herself. The California rapper hasn't necessarily expressed happiness about it, but it appears the blessings continue to come her way. According to Urban Islandz, Chrisean Rock will not face time in prison for the dr4g charges she received in Oklahoma. According to court documents, Rock pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a tax stamp and possession with intent to distribute, both of which carry a one-year sentence.

Chrisean Rock's attorney, Ken Gallon, asked the judge to avoid imposing a custodial sentence, arguing that Chrisean maintained a clean record. The judge agreed and instead sentenced Chrisean Rock to four years of probation. By the end of his parole on March 12, 2027, Chrisean must also complete 120 hours of community service at a homeless shelter; pay a fine of $991 to the prosecutor's office, and comply with state, tribal, federal and local laws.

Even though she gave birth to a healthy son and avoided prison, Chrisean Rock still has to deal with Blueface's wrath. The rapper has made several derogatory statements about her since she welcomed their son, going so far as to claim that she only gave birth for fame. Furthermore, he threatened to ask for sole custody of Chrisean Jr., hoping to raise their children under the same roof and away from Chrisean Rock.

Rock, who started an Instagram account for his son days after his birth, went live to respond to Blueface. "Do you know how much I took when I was pregnant with him? Nobody's going to take my baby away, bro. So, like, no," she said. "We failed because you don't control my phones anymore. I left what you took. Straight up," she added before explaining that much of the money she made from him came at the cost of being traumatized. Check out the live video above.

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