Chris Brown Says He Has '15,000' Unreleased Songs In His Stash

Luis Suela

Chris Brown Says He Has '15,000' Unreleased Songs In His Stash

Are you ready for some jaw-dropping news? It turns out that Chris Brown, the talented R&B artist, claims to have a staggering 15,000 unreleased songs! Yes, you read that right - 15,000 songs that have never seen the light of day. And that's not all. Brown even revealed that he has 1,800 songs on his phone alone.

In an interview, Brown explained his work ethic, saying, "It was a point where I used to stay in the studio like when I was doing a lot of my earlier albums, I had to learn. But I wanna say around the F.A.M.E. album and certain stuff like that, I was kinda like in my zone. I knew what I wanted."

While Brown doesn't specify whether all these songs are completed, the sheer number is mind-boggling. It's clear that he has been grinding in the studio and has an immense amount of material at his disposal. As R&B fan, this news is exciting and leaves us wondering when and how these songs will be released. Will they remain in the vault forever, or will they see the light of day?

Keep your eyes and ears open because you never know when Chris Brown might surprise us with a drop of some unreleased gems from his vast collection of 15,000 songs.

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