Blueface's Mom says he and Chrisean Rock are actually cousins



Blueface's Mom says he and Chrisean Rock are actually cousins

Blueface's mom has made a bombshell claim - suggesting that her son and his new mom, Chrisean Rock, are actually related... although it's hard to say exactly how.

The rapper's mother, Karlissa Saffold, made the allegation on social media over the weekend — not long after Chrisean gave birth to her and Blueface's newborn son. She says that Blueface and Chrisean could be cousins – in fact, she totally believes it.

Check out her reasoning for yourself... Karlissa seems to believe there's a lineage connection in Chrisean's own mother's surname - which is apparently Dorsey. Karlissa says there are Dorseys in her family too... but she doesn't explain who has that last name in her family. Obviously, she doesn't have that last name... nor does Blue himself.

Again, we have no idea who the "Dorsey" of her brood is... but Karlissa insists that all Dorseys are connected and that they all act the same way as Chrisean - with strong personalities, etc.

Clearly, this isn't exactly science... It's literally just a theory that Karlissa is floating around, without much concrete evidence to support it - let alone a proper explanation... and yet, it's disturbing.

She half-jokingly says that they need to test the baby's DNA to be sure... but it seems like she's already convinced. In her mind, her son made some consanguinity in the family.

It's worth mentioning... Blueface doesn't have the best relationship with his mother. They infamously fought a few years ago... when he kicked her and her sister out of their house.

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