Blueface thre*tens Chrisean Rock with a custody battle over his newborn son



Blueface thre*tens Chrisean Rock with a custody battle over his newborn son

Blueface has sparked controversy over the welfare of his newborn son with now ex-partner Chrisean Rock. Amid the joyful arrival of her son, Chrisean Malone, the “Thotiana” artist expressed concern for the boy's safety on Tuesday night (September 5).

Rock initially took to social media to share the first glimpse of his son. Born on Sunday (September 3), Malone immediately won hearts with his debut on the reality star's Instagram stage. “Heaven sent you healthy and so beautiful. [I'm very grateful. My son [is] so blessed. Thank you, Jesus,” Rock captioned the photo.

Celebrities and fans chimed in by sending their love and positive comments. Tamar Braxton wrote: “This baby is magical.” Meanwhile, Lola Brooke added: “Congratulations!”

However, the mood changed drastically when Blue questioned Rock's mental health as a mother. In a since-deleted post, the rapper stated that he was more concerned about his son's well-being than the Baltimore native herself.

“[The] sad part of all this is that she doesn't know that we care more about the baby than her right now. She [is] so selfish. She is only concerned about what she wants to do, not what is best for the child. Twenty-four [hours] later, literally. I can’t believe you guys thought a kid would change anything,” Blueface said on Twitter.

He continued, “If she doesn't take my son seriously [and] make it her main focus [and] priority for at least 30 days, I will ask for custody. You have been warned. My daughter will not be molested and touched like everyone else in her family, [in] dead [bros]. I don’t play those [types of] games.”

Tension between the couple increased earlier in the week when Blueface voiced complaints about the boy's name. Accusing Rock of “manipulating” him during their relationship, he implied that the appointment was hasty and thoughtless. “I should have called the baby ‘influence’. [That] would have been more meaningful,” he wrote in another post that has since been removed.

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