6ix9ine Says He Didn't Pay $1 Million To Kodak Black For “Shaka Laka” Feature

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6ix9ine Says He Didn't Pay $1 Million To Kodak Black For “Shaka Laka” Feature

6ix9ine Says He Didn't Pay $1 Million To Kodak Black For “Shaka Laka” Feature

In the latest twist of the ongoing drama between rappers 6IX9INE and Kodak Black, Kodak has accused 6IX9INE of cheating him out of a staggering $1 million for a feature on a song. The accusation was made during an interview with the True Life Network Podcast, where Kodak voiced his frustration and disappointment over the alleged betrayal.

According to Kodak, the dispute centers around a check that came from a company called Fume. He claims that there are videos, pictures, and even bank statements that prove the company intended for the collaboration to be a song for their vapes, not a paid feature. "They're holding a check, taking a picture with him. It's everywhere, right, and they're like, 'Yo, 6ix9ine paid a million dollars for Kodak' no, it was their song, right? It was their song, they paid the million dollars," Kodak stated during the interview.

While 6IX9INE has yet to directly respond to these accusations, he has provided some evidence to refute the claims made by Kodak. However, it remains to be seen whether this evidence will be enough to sway public opinion or resolve the ongoing dispute between the two rappers.

The backstory of the dispute between 6IX9INE and Kodak Black is still unfolding. It seems that there may have been a breakdown in communication or a misunderstanding regarding the nature of their collaboration. Whether this is a simple case of miscommunication or a deliberate attempt to deceive Kodak remains to be determined.

As with any high-profile dispute in the music industry, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts and opinions on the matter. Some have expressed their support for Kodak, while others have criticized him for making such a public accusation without concrete evidence. The online community has become a breeding ground for heated debates and discussions surrounding the alleged cheating.

This dispute is not the first of its kind in the music industry. Numerous artists have been embroiled in similar controversies over the years, with disputes over song credits, royalties, and collaborations gone wrong. It is a stark reminder of the complex and often messy nature of the music business.

The potential impact of this dispute on the music industry remains to be seen. It could serve as a cautionary tale for artists entering into collaborations and business deals, highlighting the importance of clear communication, transparency, and legal protection.

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