Blueface Disses Lil Baby In His Music Video For "Letting A Grown Man Feel His B**ty"

Luis Suela

Blueface Disses Lil Baby In His Music Video For "Letting A Grown Man Feel His B**ty"

Blueface and Lil Baby are currently embroiled in a heated rap beef, and the latest chapter in their ongoing saga comes in the form of Blueface's new music video. In his song and accompanying visuals titled "Baby Momma Drama," Blueface takes subtle shots at Lil Baby, leaving fans buzzing with speculation.

In the music video, Blueface references pictures of Lil Baby showing affection to other men. He boldly questions Lil Baby's masculinity, stating, "Lil Baby thought he knew me. How you let another grown man feel up on your booty." This line sends a clear message to Lil Baby, implying that he is not as tough as he claims to be.

What sets Blueface apart from the rest of the rap industry, according to the artist himself, is his outsider status. Blueface proudly declares this in the lyrics, showcasing his individuality and unique approach to music. He challenges the established norms and expectations within the industry, which has garnered attention and a dedicated fanbase.

On the other hand, Lil Baby is not one to back down. In response to Blueface's jabs, he hits back with his own powerful words. In his song, Lil Baby dismisses Blueface's claims, rapping, "Put a hundred up a million times, the f**k is a blue face?" Lil Baby's lyrics assert his dominance and success, shutting down any attempts to undermine him.

But the drama doesn't stop there. Blueface also brings personal matters into the spotlight, alleging that Lil Baby slept with his on-and-off-again partner, Chrisean Rock, before the birth of their child. This revelation adds a whole new layer to the beef, intensifying the animosity between the two artists.

Chrisean Rock, the mother of Blueface's child, responds to the situation, accusing Lil Baby of making the situation about him. She states, "You made it about f***ing Lil Baby, bro." Her words highlight the impact the beef has had on their personal lives, emphasizing the emotional toll it has taken.

As we enter 2023, it seems that the drama between Blueface and Lil Baby is far from over. Blueface continues to throw out accusations, while Lil Baby maintains his defiance. Only time will tell how this rap beef unfolds, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this ongoing feud.

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