Social media thirsts over Ice Spice's mother after video goes viral



Social media  thirsts over  Ice Spice's mother after video goes viral

On Thursday (August 17), Ice Spice's mother quickly became the center of attention on social media. In a video widely shared on Instagram, the proud mother was seen bobbing her head and lip-syncing to her daughter's hit single, "Deli."

“She is a villain, she is showing her panties. She stirred like jelly. Hunnid bands in Chanely. But I'm still shaking ** in a deli. With my bitch getting dead. He likes it wet. He wants the WAP but I just want the fetty,” she sang along to the song in the background.

The viral clip revealed more than just Spice's mother enjoying the catchy beat. This further supported the musician's previous claims that her parents were overwhelmingly supportive of her pursuing an artistic path.

In an Apple Music interview with Ebro Darden, the New York rapper spoke candidly about her family's encouragement. She said: "They're crazy supportive, like it's crazy. They always have been, though. Like, they're really supportive. I love my parents."

However, Spice's mom's positive reaction has people doing more than talking. The viral sensation prompted fans online to seek out her Instagram account. While some claimed to have found it, others were frustrated with their inability to locate it.

Spice has yet to comment on her family life or react to her mother's newfound fame. However, you can check out the reactions on social media by discovering the musician's mother below.

The year 2023 for the “Barbie World” hitmaker has been marked by monumental success in recent months. On August 8, she received Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie Of The Year award. Currently, the rapper has four top 10 hits on the Hot 100 Chart, including collaborations with big names like PinkPantheress, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

Unfortunately, not everything was smooth sailing for the rising star. She was embroiled in controversy last month after she featured an underage TikTok star fiddling with a table in the music video for "Deli." Co-directed by Spice, it has amassed over 17 million views.

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