Kanye West is married to Australian mafia gangster niece, says website


Kanye West and Bianca Censori were married in January this year.

The new wife of rap star Kanye West, Bianca Censori, has drawn attention to so many things. First, by an inquiry sowing with a former lapper ex-Spanish, a Kim Kardashian employee, O who has raised comments about how he is still obsessed with her or has a special "top".

There was still a lot of talkative if the two had a marriage specially since Kanye West and Bianca Censori exchanged alliances in January, just two tables after the music of the musician was finalized. Last week, due to the costumes and forth, worked on us and transparenies, which caused Italians indignation on a recent visit of the couple to Paias.

According to TMZ, some online Italians have been bothered by Bianca Censori's clothes. Not starting this month, she was photographed without a bra a transparent white body body. As a result, many of them went to Twitter to express their concerns about her public nudity and ask for something to be done.

Now, a piece of new news about Bianca Censori caught my eye. O Jornal, the Daily Mail came with a real bomb last weekend about 28-year-old Bianca, who is a daughter, as the publication of the Australian mafia royalty.

One report says that the wife of Kanye West is the daughter of Elia 'Leo' Censori, who has been sentenced to five years in prison for heroin possession. O case happened in 1982. Leo is the brother of an even more organization of organized crime: Enis Censori, who has already received the simple nickname "Al Capone de Melbourne". He was convicted, of death, for murd*r, but the penalty was later converted to life imprisonment - a capital penalty abolished in the country in 1984.

Their older brother, Edmondo, arrived in Sor known as 'Eddie Capone', seasoned, criminal record, with convictions for aggression to the police, theft, and amio. And illegal ammunition.

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