Italian residents want Kanye West's wife Arrested for public indecency



Italian residents want Kanye West's wife Arrested  for public indecency

Kanye West's recent visit to Italy with his new wife, Bianca Censori, created a commotion among the locals. The couple's costume - or rather the lack of it - led to protests and demands for legal action.

Censori was supposedly photographed in a tight and tight jumpsuit that caused indignation among conservative residents of the Catholic country. As reported by TMZ, the images of his guard-minimalist sprout were promptly followed by requests for police to intervene for public indecency.

According to Italian law, fines for such infractions may vary from a fine of € 5,000 to € 10,000 ($ 5,424 to $ 10,849) or up to four years in prison if the incident occurs near minors.

However, the reaction does not end there. Censori previously attracted attention to an Instagram post, in which she modeled scarce pieces of black tape. Some users considered the look "quite useless and wicked," and the controversy spread to this new incident.

The discontent with Censori's latest look was widely dubbed on social media platforms, with the locals expressing their concerns about the couple's costume. The tweets ranged from prison requests to deportation. A commentator Online wrote, "She's not naked. She looks like she just had cosmetic surgery."

Announced in January, the West Union with Censori was not without scrutiny. The legal status of the wedding was previously in question, as the reports suggested that the couple had not presented a certificate. However, the pair is not ashamed to display affection, to the disgust of some viewers.

In related news, two ex-employees of Donda Academy processed Yeezy for alleged violations of education and security in April. Teachers Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers claimed that they were fired due to racial prejudice and often diminished up to $ 2,700 per salary.

In response, the school principal, Moira Love, called the pair "aggressive in the presence of others."

The process stated: “The plaintiffs believe that this kind of commentary facilitates stereotypes about African-American women as being confronting simply by doing their work and expressing their legitimate concerns to provide a safe environment and adequate education for their students.

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