iShowSpeed again causes concern among fans due to health status



iShowSpeed again causes concern among fans due to health status

IShowSpeed was recently diagnosed with severe headache.

One of the biggest streamers of today, IShowSpeed, unfortunately has not been able to return to his work for some time. Recently, he was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo after suffering severe headaches and being diagnosed with a severe headache, considered by the Brazilian Headache Society to be the “most painful headache”.

His health problem in the hospital almost left his eye unable to see, but the doctors were able to assess the situation and prevent this. Given these difficult and unforeseen complications, it's unclear whether this will be a significant long-term factor affecting its content.

Also, IShowSpeed actually planned to come back with a stream last Thursday (10th), but canceled at the last minute. Not only did the sudden news disappoint fans who had been hoping for a comeback, it also made them wonder if it had anything to do with his health issues. The hospital visit in Tokyo was in July and it's been a while since we've seen him on our screens.

Of course, many fans expressed disappointment and even anger at this, but others took a more empathetic approach. After all, we don't even know how much your flows affected your health in the first place, whether it was this infection or other areas of wellness. During his stay in Tokyo, supporters in the hospital area gathered outside and chanted his name to lift his spirits.

IShowSpeed gained notoriety for the exaggerated reactions during the broadcasts, which provoked comical moments, and for the meetings with soccer stars, watched by millions of people on the internet. The American recently fulfilled his dream of meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, kneeling down and crying in front of the Portuguese.

Last Monday (31), in another video, IShowSpeed reported that he needed to be hospitalized. “I really want to go home and stream for you guys, play Fortnite and FIFA 24. I don't know how long I'm going to be here. They can keep me here for months, weeks, days, years,” he added.

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