Iggy Azaleia Clarifies She Is Not In Support Of Tory Lanez



Iggy Azaleia Clarifies She Is Not In Support Of Tory Lanez

However, the Australian rapper said the charges against Lanez "do not warrant more than 5 [years] in prison"

Iggy Azalea has spoken out after writing a supportive letter to Tory Lanez ahead of her sentencing for the murder of Megan Thee Stallion. Last December, Lanez (real name Daystar Peterson) was found guilty of shooting Stallion (real name Megan Jovon Ruth Pete) in both feet during an altercation in July 2020. Peterson, 31, has been jailed since December 23, 2022.

The rapper's sentence will continue today (Aug. 8). During a hearing in Los Angeles, Calif., yesterday (Aug. 7), Judge Herriford briefly summarized the numerous letters of support he has received for Lanez.

One of the letters was written by Azalea, according to court reporter Meghann Cuniff (via The Independent). Herriford told the court that Azalea's letter asked him to deliver Peterson a sentence "that is transformative, not life-destroying". BBC News reports that prosecutors are seeking a 13-year prison sentence.

Azalea has since taken to Twitter to clarify his stance on the situation. She began by writing that she "hasn't been in touch with Tory for months", but said that she "wishes him the best of luck". "I don't 'support'

anyone," the Aussie rapper continued, adding that "the whole thing is full of oddities." She continued: “My letter never mentioned anything regarding what happened that night [...] I was told this was for a judge only, but is it being discussed in public? I never intended to comment publicly.

“[…] I am not in favor of throwing away the life of ANYONE [sic] if we can apply reasonable punishments that are rehabilitative. I support prison reform. Period […] I was asked to write about my genuine experience and the kind of punishment I think he deserves: I did.

“It's not really that interesting, but I understand why it's being sensationalized. . . See you next week to discuss pizza toppings I suppose. Lol." In a follow-up tweet, Azalea said: "I really hate that this is today's [sic] online rant because it's not really an explosive revelation. Yes: he must be held accountable. No: the charges do not justify more than 5 [years] in prison.”

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