Fat Joe Says He’s Jealous Of The Things Drake Owns


Fat Joe Says He’s Jealous Of The Things Drake Owns

As Drake's stock continues to rise, Fat Joe has jokingly admitted that he might be jealous due to Drizzy's popularity among the masses.

Fat Joe explains why he might be jealous of Drake

During a nearly 75-minute session on Instagram Live, Fat Joe gave his opinion on a variety of topics, but he also spent some time listing why he might be a little jealous of Drake. Joey Crack explained: "The girl with the big boobs on the Drake show signs a Playboy deal. And let me tell you why I might be jealous of Drake, right? I've never seen a guy that people love more, okay? Because Rumor has it that this plane, which appears to be the world's fastest flying plane, was actually given to him by a 'friend'. Someone who wants to be with the man who has 15 years of unstoppable success."

Fat Joe says Drake received $1 million ring from Tupac Shakur

The Bronx rap veteran mentioned the gold, ruby and diamond crown ring that Drizzy has been wearing with pride, which once belonged to Tupac Shakur, revealing that the gem was actually a gift to Drake. “So there's this guy who owns all the crypto shit, he buys the Tupac ring for $1 million and gives it to Drake,” said Fat Joe.

Clearly in disbelief at the amount of love Drake has received, which has resulted in several expensive gifts, Fat Joe then states, "Who the fuck is giving people that kind of shit? Yeah, I'm not doing that shit. Bro, they ain't gonna get me give me a pack of socks. They won't give me a croissant. F**k. That's bullshit. Yeah, they're billionaires, but damn. Why can't a billionaire give me shit like that? I don't know.

Fat Joe says he "might be jealous of Drake" due to how universally beloved the Toronto rapper is. Joe discussed his feelings about Drake during a recent Instagram live stream.

It's far from the first time that Fat Joe has praised Drake. On Instagram Live in 2020, Joe compared him to Michael Jackson while talking to Rick Ross. "Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with and let's be clear, every song he does is #1 and he is the Michael Jackson of that era," he said at the time.

Fat Joe admits he's "jealous" of Drake

Fat Joe's praise comes as Drake prepares for the release of his forthcoming album, For All The Dogs. On a recent stop on his It's All a Blur tour, Drake told fans to look forward to the project in the coming weeks.

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