Chrisean Rock alleges Blueface thr*aten*d to kick her in the stomach



Chrisean Rock alleges Blueface thr*aten*d to kick her in the stomach

Mother-to-be Chrisean Rock revealed shocking allegations against Blueface during an emotional Instagram Live session on Sunday (Aug. 6). In the tear-filled speech, Rock recalled an alleged incident that took place a few months ago in Las Vegas. She claimed that the artist “Thotiana” thr*atened to k*ll her and her unborn child.

Detailing the event, the reality TV star explained: “When I was five months pregnant, we were in Las Vegas and he tried to set his rules. He's like, 'B*tch, don't talk to that b*tch.' I'm like, 'Okay.' So we go with the homies and sh*t, and the homie's girl is being very friendly to Azul. Be that as it may, she is of an entirely different breed. It's her culture.”

Rock went on to describe a frightening confrontation in his hotel room where the rapper allegedly lost his temper. In a clip reposted by The Neighborhood Talk, she said: “He really hit me in the face, and that's the most evil sh*t I've ever seen him do, and nobody deserves that shit… He's like, 'Schoolyard Crip, b ** ch. Look a k*ller in your eyes. You don't think I'm going to k*ll you? And kick you in the stomach and you bleed for months?'”

Rock and Blueface's relationship was highly publicized and fraught with tension. In recent weeks, the latter's behavior and comments about Rock have drawn criticism from fans and sparked new concerns.

Furthermore, the recent accusations cast a shadow over his already turbulent love life. Blueface took to Twitter last week, referring to Rock as a “side b**ch,” which added fuel to the fire.

On Sunday, Blueface also placed a bet on which of his baby mothers would win a fight. He shared, “Fair fade. I'll take Jaidyn [Alexis] over Rock. Who wants to bet?

The unraveling of the relationship between the two became a central storyline in the final season of the Zeus Network show, "Crazy In Love." Fans have been urging Rock to distance himself from Blueface, whose recent behavior, especially regarding children with Alexis, has also raised eyebrows.

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