Cardi B says Offset will sue troll for false cheating claims


Cardi B says Offset will sue troll for false cheating claims

On Monday (August 21), Cardi B made it clear that he will not tolerate false claims about his relationship with displacement and is taking legal action to prove it.

At the end of Sunday (August 20), a tweet alleged evidence of the infidelity of the rapper of Migos to the New York rap icon. The user behind this shared a voice note that intended to be displaced, organizing a meeting with another woman. He also included an NSFW image of a man who claims to be Atlanta's artist caught in a compromised position.

“The offset allegedly cheated on Cardi B once again. How embarrassing, ”said the post. However, many answers immediately questioned the legitimacy of the recording and suspected that it was created through AI technology.

Meanwhile, Cardi was quick to realize the accusations. She quickly closed them the next day, highlighting the flaws in the evidence provided. Not only did she unmask the image, pointing out that the man was very slender to be her husband and had no blonde dreads, but also discarded the voice of voice as an attempt to be poorly executed.

"Then you will receive a letter from your lawyer," she announced at a now-excluded Twitter space session. "Because all these little games you want to play online - that will end."

Also, Cardi continued, "You will be sued, and let's give you an example of you. Yes, and that was a terrible AI voice, by the way. So yes, bye."

Later, the user doubled his allegations against travel, even after receiving a copyright claim on the clip. Subsequently, a Twitter Troll tweeted: “Cardi just protected my tweet. B ** tch, you are angry with me when you need to get angry with the n ** GGA that is cheating on you! "

The original post was finished and knocked down. It was replaced by a message stating: "This media was disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner."

Cardi and Offset's relationship was not without their struggles, but they consistently demonstrated their commitment to each other. In July, the couple linked to the music video and the music video entitled "Jealousy".


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