Blueface Says Chrisean Rock Got Sent Him To be With Her

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Blueface Says Chrisean Rock Got Sent Him To be With Her

Blueface tells Chrisean Rock Got Sent Him To be With Her

Blueface and Chrisean Rock had a furious altercation on the most recent episode of their reality program "Crazy in Love," which aired on August 13th. Rapper Blueface claimed during this heated discussion that he was sent by God to be with Chrisean.

Blueface says to Chrisean in a video clip from the show, "You could not eat by yourself [before me]." At this time, you finally can. In response, Chrisean says that Blueface isn't the only one who might have played the part. You're attempting to take the glory away from God, she retorts. There was a chance that it was the next muthaf**ka.

Blueface responds angrily, arguing that Chrisean is wrong to credit God for his success. You're attempting to give God the credit he doesn't deserve, and he responds, "Bh." God's glory is mine to claim? False. God chose me to be with you.

Chrisean persists in casting doubt on Blueface's claim, suggesting that she was already under the tutelage of the divine before he came into the picture. When asked if she believes in a higher power, she responds, "You trying to say I didn't have no divine [influence] in my life."

Blueface gives a direct answer, saying that she was powerless before they were together. You didn't," he says. You were equipped with f**king cleats and a bag.

Season two of the reality program focuses on Blueface and Chrisean Rock's rocky relationship as they deal with her pregnancy. The first season of the program launched in December, and it was full of high drama, from Blueface's encounter with Chrisean's father to Chrisean hitting Blueface with a glass cup.

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