Travis Scott Announces Utopia Performance at Egyptian Pyramids



Utopia album concert at the Egyptian pyramids was finally announced by the rapper

Travis Scott's "Utopia" album still has no release date so far.

Travis Scott announced that he will reveal “the world of Utopia”, his next album, during a live performance in front of the ancient Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. This special event will take place on Friday, July 28th and tickets for the live performance are already sold out.

Since 2020, Travis has been working tirelessly on the “Utopia” album, leaving fans on edge, curious for an official release date for the Utopia album. However, rapper Travis Scott has been surprising with his promotional strategies, such as the recent episode in which he handcuffed a suitcase to his arm with the words “Utopia”, catching the attention of fans among others.

After almost five years without releasing a full album, “Utopia” marks the return of rapper Travis Scott. His latest project, titled “Astroworld”, was released in August 2018 and featured the hit “Sicko Mode”, certified diamond and topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts alongside Drake. In late 2021, Travis began releasing several singles to prepare fans for “Utopia”, such as “Mafia” and “Escape Plan”.

While Utopia currently does not have a release date, Scott has made the album pre-order available. In addition to CDs and vinyl, he is selling album-themed clothing. The pre-order states that there will be five different album covers, but none of them have been released yet. When ordering a physical copy of the album — “Utopia 2 Disk LP Cover 5,” for example — you won't know which cover you'll get when you pay $50 (plus tax and shipping).

Travis Scott fans are counting down the days to finally hear the long-awaited album “Utopia”. Furthermore, the launch event at the Pyramids of Giza promises to be a unique experience for those in attendance, combining music and one of the wonders of the ancient world. It will be a memorable moment in the rapper's career, who is sure to captivate his audience with his unique and engaging musical vision.

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