Summer Walker Responds to Pregnancy Rumors, Says She "Doesn't Have Time for This"

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Summer Walker Responds to Pregnancy Rumors, Says She "Doesn't Have Time for This"

Summer Walker says she doesn't plan on having another child anytime soon.

Recently, some rumors that Summer Walker could be pregnant with Lil Meech's child spread on social media. She took to Instagram today to shut them down. Walker posted a screenshot on her Instagram Story of DMs between her and a fan. In the DMs, a user is seen responding to a photo the singer shared of herself. “Why does your stomach look chubby”, they asked her, “Don't make me mad summer lol.” Walker clapped her hands in her caption. “Because I had THREE HO KIDS and no lipo lol,” she wrote, “Y'all need to stop asking me that.”

She assured fans that she has no plans to get pregnant anytime soon. “Lil lil meech not coming anytime soon lol relax,” wrote Walker, “I'm on tour soon no time for that right now.” It seems like Walker just can't seem to escape the constant rumors about her and her relationship with Lil Meech. Since announcing their relationship, the couple has dealt with numerous rumors, accusations and other drama. Through it all, however, the couple seems to be keeping things going.

Summer Walker denies being pregnant

The pregnancy rumors surfaced shortly after rumors circulated about Lil Meech allegedly getting another woman pregnant. Screenshots were posted online, which have since been called fake, showing an alleged conversation between model Tiffany Fadhel and Walker. In the alleged DMs, someone claiming to be Fadhel tells Walker that she is having an affair with Lil Meech. The person also claims that she is pregnant with Lil Meech's child. Lil Meech quickly refuted the allegations.

The real Tiffany Fadhel later came forward, revealing that the account claiming to be her was a fake. She also said that she never met Lil Meech and she certainly wasn't carrying his child. “THIS IS A FAKE PAGE OF ME! MIGHT BE A WHOLE N *** BEHIND THE PAGE,” Fadhel wrote in a comment on Instagram. “IM NOT PREGNANT,” she added, “DON'T KNOW MEECH NEVER TALKED TO HIM! THE PAGE THAT MAKES THESE ALLEGATIONS IS A FALSE PAGE.”


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