Rapper Drake confirms Nicki Minaj on his new album 'For All The Dogs



Rapper Drake confirms Nicki Minaj on his new album 'For All The Dogs'

Drake and Nicki Minaj haven’t collaborated on a song since 2017 and fans have been waiting for the feat with great anticipation. A new collaboration between Drake and Nicki Minaj is in the works and is expected to appear on the Canadian's upcoming album, "For All the Dogs". The announcement was confirmed by the rapper himself during a presentation, in Detroit, of his tour with 21 Savage. There is still no date for the release of the disc.

“Me and Nicki Minaj made our first song in a long time. I have so much love for her,” he told the crowd who erupted in applause. Minaj took to Twitter to essentially reconfirm the announcement, sharing an old photo of her and Drake with the caption "#Dricki," referring to the merger of their two names.

The last time both had participated together in a song was in 2017, in the song “No Frauds”, which also featured Lil Wayne. The news leaves fans excited, thanks to the great hits that the two have already released together, such as “Moment 4 Life”, “Best I Ever Had”, “Seeing Green” and “Only”, the latter of which already has more than 500 million views on the official clip published on Youtube.

The two artists have had a troubled relationship in recent years, with ups and downs. Both were released on the American music scene together by the label “Young Money Entertainment”. Despite starting their careers together and being extremely close, they had their moments of disagreement - for example, when Drake and Meek Mill, Nicki's ex-boyfriend, resumed their friendship, irritating the singer.

However, it seems that the conflicts are in the past and now the two are close again. In the remix of the song “Whole Lotta Love” (2020), Nicki Minaj writes in one of the verses: “Actually, I hope that one day we take some time to go play with Adonis” referring to Drake’s son, Adonis. In response, Drake posted a print of listening to the song on his Instagram and mentioned Nicki in the caption saying "let's play together soon". Soon after, the two followed each other again.

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