Meek Mill Apparently Doubles Down On "Free Tory Lanez" Comments


Meek Mill Apparently Doubles Down On "Free Tory Lanez" Comments

After several waves of messages on social media Meek Mill went into defense mode. A wave of backlash was triggered by his public endorsement of Tory Lanez during a recent live performance, prompting a spirited response from the Philadelphia native.

Fans took to social media after Meek, during his headlining act at Rolling Loud Portugal on July 7, clearly expressed his support for Lanez. “That was lit. Release Tory Lanez too, once,” he emphatically told the crowd after performing his 2016 DC4 hit “Litty.” That endorsement caused some confusion among some, given Meek’s past feuds with the musician and past association with Roc Nation, who now represent Megan Thee Stallion.

Taking to the Instagram-associated Threads app, the “Dreams and Nightmares” artist released a fiery response. He began by criticizing the selectivity of public opinion, asking why his previous calls to "free" other artists were not met with the same reaction. He then defended its authenticity and commitment to changing the real world over maintaining a curated rap image.

“I say free Young Thug… Free [YFN] Lucci… Free [YNW] Melly. I don't even know why y'all start dealing with us if y'all gonna try to vilify us... This is why I stay in the trenches,” Meek wrote.

The rapper added, “The narrative control starts every Monday. Nobody gives a shit what these people are talking about, we're making real life change here every day! If I said free MUMIA, [I] would be embarrassed! He is allegedly guilty of killing some [police] men! I grew up hearing the black nation screaming it! Why do you think you can control us? We have millions and influence from real men, not internet gimmicks!”

Lanez's defense of Meek Mill follows a rocky history between the two artists, marked by collaborations, a teased joint project, and an eventual fall after the Toronto rapper was convicted of shooting Thee Stallion in 2020. Lanez acknowledged this in his track 2021's "Mucky James", expressing more hurt than hostility towards his former collaborator.

Lanez remains in custody without bond, facing up to 22 years and eight months in prison, possible deportation to Canada and charges of gross disregard for human life for his alleged involvement in the drunken dispute. A delayed sentence, previously scheduled for June 13, is now awaiting a new date of August 7.

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