Lil Baby Declares Nicki Minaj the "GOAT Female Rapper" in Interview with Rylo Rodriguez


Lil Baby Declares Nicki Minaj the "GOAT Female Rapper" in Interview with Rylo Rodriguez

In a recent segment on Complex's "GOAT Talk," Lil Baby declared Nicki Minaj the greatest of all time. He was also keen to highlight the significant impact of women currently dominating hip hop.

The discussion featured Baby and Rylo Rodriguez. Amidst a myriad of "better" questions, the question about the "female rapper GOAT" came up. As the “Emotionally Scarred” artist pondered her choice, an amusing interlude from his protégé unfolded.

Rodriguez shared that he didn't know the meaning behind the acronym GOAT, revealing that he only learned it meant "greatest of all time" when Baby uttered it aloud. As disbelief washed over him, Baby couldn't contain his laughter when he discovered Rodriguez's innocence about the acronym.

“D**n, I didn't even know GOAT meant greatest ever,” said Rodriguez. To which the CEO of 4PF responded, “How the hell do you not know what GOAT means?”

Rodriguez continued: “I just thought you were the goat... I used to always be like, 'What the hell is a goat? ' I didn `t understand now. One day I thought, 'Man, why do you want to be a goat?'”

Composing himself, Lil Baby named Nicki Minaj the undisputed queen of rap. In awarding her the GOAT title, the rapper also praised the remarkable increase in women who are, in her words, "running the game right now."

The Atlanta rapper's admiration for Minaj isn't surprising considering their past collaborations, including the song "Do We Have A Problem?" The accompanying visuals for the album have amassed over 36 million views on YouTube since its debut in February 2022.

Notably, Minaj is set to continue her triumphant comeback this year with the release of her fifth studio album. Initially slated for an October 20th release, the Queens musician revealed last month that Pink Friday 2 has been rescheduled for November 17th. The upcoming project has fans eagerly awaiting new music from one of the most influential women in hip hop today.

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