Ice Spice reveals she Started crying after first date with Nicki Minaj



Ice Spice reveals she Started crying after first date with Nicki Minaj

Earlier today, Apple Music 1 released a new interview between Ice Spice and Zane Lowe. The pair cover a range of topics, including their interactions with several other celebrities. During the interview, Ice Spice mentions that he sees Drake as his mentor. She clarified that she came to him for career advice and it seems to be working. Another artist they talked about is Nicki Minaj, who Spice has collaborated with twice. The duo scored two top 10 hits with their remix of Nicki's "Princess Diana" and their collaboration "Barbie World" from the Barbie movie soundtrack.

In the interview, Ice Spice talked about meeting Nicki Minaj for the first time. She explained how she started crying after Nicki came to her for a hug. She also described it as a "full circle moment" as she was a longtime fan of the "Chun-Li" rapper. She ends the exchange by saying that a younger version of herself would be "screaming" that she met Nicki. Clearly, the duo hit it off, as they already have two collaborations under their belt, with likely more to come soon.

Ice Spice remembers meeting Nicki Minaj

Earlier today, Ice Spice announced that she is releasing a deluxe edition of her Like..? FOOT. The project will bring 4 new Ice Spice songs to the fans and they won't have to wait long. The deluxe version of the project will be released this Friday, July 21st. It's good news for fans after the singer promised a year-round deluxe edition. The project originally featured the singer's early hits like "Munch" and "In Ha Mood". It also featured "Princess Diana", which became a top 10 hit when Nicki Minaj joined in for a remix.

This might not be the only song Ice Spice will release soon. Last week, she appeared on rapper Ken Carson's Instagram story. The image had fans speculating whether or not the two could work together on new music. What do you think of Ice Spice crying the first time he met Nicki Minaj? Let us know in the comments section below.

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