Doja Cat gets in Controversy When Arguing with Fans and Saying She Doesn't Love Them



Doja Cat gets  into Controversy When Arguing with Fans and Saying She Doesn't Love Them

Doja Cat is discussing with her fans again. The rapper-singer received a ton of backlash after telling her fans that she doesn't love them.

Doja Cat Gets Into A Twitter Fight After Telling Fans She Doesn't Love Them

On Sunday (July 23), the celebrity blog Pop Base posted a conversation between Doja Cat and her fans who asked if she could tell them that she loves them. In response, the "Say So" rapper said that she doesn't love them at all. In her series of tweets, which she completely deleted from her timeline, Doja explained why.

"My life, my rules[,] my style[,] my attitude," she wrote to a fan.

The person replied, "I want to hear you say (I love you) like you always tell your fans."

Doja replied, "I don't think so, because I don't even know you."

Another fan chimed in: "And

we don't know you. [But] we've got your back through thick and thin. Just remember you'd be NOTHING without us. [You'd] be working in a grocery store making songs for a fucking garage band, Miss School Dropout..."

Doja responded to the meanie, writing, "[N]one forced you, I don't know why

you're talking to me like you're my mother, b*** you sound like a crazy person."

Doja Cat Doesn't Want Fans Calling Each Other Kitten or Kitten

Apparently, Doja Cat fans are calling themselves "kittenz". When the 27-year-old artist noticed, she quickly hung up.

"My fans don't call themselves shit," she wrote in one of her deleted threads (captured by The Shade Room). "If you call yourself 'kitty' or 'kitten', it means you need to put the phone down, get a job, and help your parents around the house."

One fan responded, "??? Just using the name YOU gave your fans", to which Doja responded, "When I was an alcoholic teenager."

Another person came in and tweeted, "Can you love your kitty again or not" and Doja replied, "Don't know what the hell that means".

When a fan asked what name they should change too since "kittenz" is banned, Doja responded, "Just delete the entire account and rethink everything, it's never too late."


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