Chxyy Red Claps Back At Hater Claiming She “Emasculated Black Men” At Rolling Loud Miami


Chxyy Red seems to be unfazed by the hate she’s received for her performance at Rolling Loud Miami.

Chxyy Red took the stage at Rolling Loud Miami this weekend, stirring up a bit of controversy with part of her performance. She walked onto the stage with two men on leashes, which some social media users were bothered by. One in particular, conservative commentator Joey Mannarino, took to Twitter to air his concerns. “Chxyy Red, the ‘artist’ behind Poundtown, just came out with two black men at her feet like dogs at Rolling Loud,” he wrote. “Hip-hop culture has been taken over by people who want to forever emasculate Black men. Its sad.

It's clear that Mannarino wasn't at all pleased with the display, however, Chxyy Red doesn't seem to be fazed. She responded to his post by him, simply writing “I ’m freaky [shut] up.” It's far from the first time that Chxyy Red has faced criticism, and it's obvious that she plans on sticking by her art.

Chxyy Red Responds To Criticism

Last week, Chxyy Red also faced some backlash after a clip of her appearing to perform at a school circulated the internet. Various social media users weighed in, claiming that her material was inappropriate to perform in front of school-aged children. The artist responded to the outrage, taking to social media to defend herself. She claimed to have been at the school to donate money to the kids for their prom, which she says she would have appreciated at her age.

chxyy Red also recently got fans talking about her when Drake called her his “wife” and shared photos of her kissing her on Instagram. The unlikely pair had social media users going nuts. While at Rolling Loud, she reflected on all the attention the rumored romance got during an interview with SiriusXM. “It’s nothing! I mean, they've been loving me, it's nothing,” she explained. “Yeah, I f**k with Drake,” the rapper continued. “I mean, you know, I've been getting n***as all my life, so it's not a shocker. Been had them n***as, so… Right, maybe y'all would've been nervous 'cause y'all ain't used to getting them n***as, but me, I got n***as out the**, so it's just like 'Hmm…' I f**k with Drake.”

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