Chrisean Rock calls Blueface a "manipulative" and brags about putting money in her own bank account


Chrisean Rock calls Blueface a "manipulative" and brags about putting money in her own bank account

 While Blueface focuses on building Jaidyn Alexis' career, Chrisean is putting his energy into accumulating money for his baby.

For someone who is fast approaching her due date, Chrisean Rock doesn't seem to care about keeping her stress levels to a minimum. Instead, the 23-year-old has been repeating her usual pattern of sparring with Blueface online. For the last few weeks, the California native has been busy making music with Jaidyn Alexis, while attacking rock in various capacities. Earlier today (July 27), Blue released a subliminal diss aimed at the mother of her second baby, tweeting, "Life is so much better now my bitch listen fr 👂."

Just a few minutes later, he added: “Clean house, clean laundry, ready breakfast. This is more my speed. As you may recall, it was only a few months ago when Blueface publicly called Chrisean out for neglecting to clean up her dirty clothes, despite the fact that she has been working hard carrying her child. It looks like those comments may have angered the 23-year-old, as she responded to her ex with a cutting tweet.

Blueface reflects on life without Chrisean Rock

“Besides, my speed is putting my own money into my own bank account instead of a shitty ungrateful account,” Rock said this afternoon. “I am told every day that I have no money [when] I earn money. I stopped listening to a manipulator and I stopped making excuses for him [and] started choosing Chrisean,” she proudly declared.

Many Twitter users are proud to see the reality star finally standing up for herself, however, knowing her penchant for returning to Blueface in the past, there are some questions about how long her independent spirit will remain. Regardless, once Rock gets her baby soon, she can expect her whole life to change—hopefully, everything for the better.


The reality star claps for her baby daddy

Keep scrolling to read Blueface's latest response to today's Twitter feud with Chrisean Rock. Are you tuning in to the second season of the reality show Zeus, Cr*zy In Love every Sunday? Let us know in the comments and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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