Chrisean Rock Books Laser Tattoo Removal appointment for Blueface Ink

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Chrisean Rock Books Laser Tattoo Removal appointment for Blueface Ink

Rock has several pieces dedicated to baby daddy, many of them in delicate places.

Pregnancy tends to bring couples closer together than ever before, but in Blueface and Chrisean Rock's case, it only led to the split. The 23-year-old surprised her reality TV co-star on her birthday with the news that she's pregnant, and since then, we've seen them go through hell and back as they try to navigate life with unhealed trauma. While Blue used her first mother, Jaidyn Alexis, as a way to taunt Chrisean, she's been busy protecting the bag and building her own brand. It's obvious that the Baddies cast member is more secure on her own than ever before, but still, she's had a hard time parting with the seven tattoo tributes she has for her ex.

In a previous interview, Rock spoke with Dr. Ish about her decision to get multiple portraits of the 26-year-old on her body, telling the internet star she does it because she "likes" Blueface. “Chrisean, look at me. This makes no sense,” Ish stressed to the mom-to-be, who told fans just a few weeks ago that she wasn't sure if she would ever be able to go through with laser removal.

The news was disappointing for those who support Rock, however, as we approach her due date, it looks like she may be having a change of heart. "I'm trying to convince myself to get laser removal," she shared on Friday (July 14) on Twitter. “I made the appointment, I'm so attached to it, it's [wild].” Thankfully, hundreds of people sent her hometown of Baltimore their words of support and encouragement to help her make the best decision for her.

Elsewhere on her profile, Chrisean updated when we can expect new music from her. “I wasn't releasing music until I moved into the crib [and] settled in,” she tweeted. "I'm not in a hurry [anymore] like I'm taking my time with this sex."

 Chrisean Rock gets support from Twitter

Keep scrolling to read the kind words of encouragement fans have been sharing with Chrisean Rock as she contemplates this momentous decision. Do you think she'll keep having her Blueface tribute tattoos removed? Let us know in the comments and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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