Cardi B throws the microphone at fan who threw drinks at her during the concert


Cardi B throws the microphone at fan who threw drinks at her during the concert, video goes viral

 Cardi B can be seen throwing a microphone at the person who threw a drink at her as she sang the song Bodak Yellow.

Every day, videos of fans misbehaving with idols go viral. Now, a new video of Cardi B is going viral, in which a fan can be seen throwing a drink at her during the concert. However, that didn't go well with the rapper who instantly took revenge.

After Bebe Rexha, Pink, Drake, Harry Styles and Kelsea Ballerini, among many others, were hit onstage by thrown objects, rapper Cardi B suffered the same during one of her LIVE shows on Saturday. Several videos of the incident have gone viral, in which members of the public are seen throwing a drink at her.

The now-viral video shows the musician furious when the person in the crowd pours liquid from a glass on her while she is performing on stage. However, she wasn't about to ignore the person and the act and in retaliation, Cardi B threw her mic back at the person while appearing to yell at them.

Reportedly, the person was detained by security and dragged out of the concert. Cardi B was performing her hit Bodak Yellow in a flowing orange dress.

Cardi B is the latest musician to fall victim to this unruly tendency of having to dodge items thrown at them during a LIVE performance.

Harry Styles and Bebe Rexha were recently punched in the face while on stage. After sharing photos of her injured eye on Instagram, Bebe Rexha took drastic measures to ensure she didn't get hit again and was seen wearing goggles at one of her later shows.

Ava Max was also slapped by a concertgoer during one of her concerts, while Drake was shocked when a fan threw a phone at him during a concert in Chicago.

Adele even issued a stern warning to fans to stop throwing things at artists. One expert told The Mirror that "extreme fandom" is to blame for these physical attacks.

Take a look at the video here:


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