Ed Sheeran Wants to Quit His Music Career

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Ed Sheeran Is Trying to Quit His Musical Career

Defeat in the current copyright trial against Ed Sheeran might be the end of his career as a musician.

The well-known singer/songwriter is being sued for allegedly violating copyrights to his 2014 hit single "Thinking Out Loud". Sheeran's Grammy-winning tune is being challenged by the heirs of Ed Townsend, one of the co-writers of Marvin Gaye's famous "Let's Get It On," who say that Sheeran stole parts of their father's work.

Ed Sheeran, on the witness, stands in a Manhattan federal court, strongly denied the claims and even threatened to give up music forever if he lost.

If it happens, I'm giving up on being creative. According to the Daily Mail, Sheeran said, "It will mark the end of my journey." He was speaking about the toll the trial had taken on him.

He also expressed his disappointment at having the dedication to the music he's shown throughout his life dismissed. His whole life's work as a performer and composer was being insulted, he said vehemently.

Ed Sheeran At Awards Event
Ed Sheeran At Awards Event

The heirs of Townsend are suing for $100 million, claiming that there are "undeniable commonalities" between "Thinking Out Loud" and "Let's Get It On." Townsend's attorney, Ben Crump, used video evidence of Sheeran's live performance, in which he skillfully fused the two songs together, as a "confession" in court.

Defending himself, Sheeran said, "If I had really done what you're accusing me of, I would be dumb to stand on stage in front of an audience of 20,000 people and blatantly exhibit it. I firmly believe that the building blocks of the vast majority of radio hits have been publicly available for generations.

Sheeran's attorney reportedly told the judge that Sheeran and co-writer Amy Wadge "painstakingly crafted this heartfelt composition without any imitative intentions towards 'Let's Get It On.'"

Sheeran is in the middle of a court fight but is about to release his newest album, Subtract, on Friday. He has planned a string of smaller theater performances around North America to go along with his next stadium tour, which kicks off on May 6.

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