Drake Is Selling His Beverly Hills Mansion For $88 Million

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Drake Puts His House On Sell Around $88 Million

Drake's luxurious Beverly Hills mansion goes on the market for $88 million

Drake, a famous rapper and music star, has recently been in the news because he decided to sell his luxurious Beverly Hills Mansion. The artist, who is known for living a luxurious life, has put the 20-acre property on the market for an amazing $88 million. Drake first bought the farm a year ago, so this move shows how his tastes in expensive real estate are always changing.

 Drake bought a house in the Beverly Crest neighborhood.

Drake bought his huge Mansion in March 2022. It is in the posh Beverly Crest neighborhood of Los Angeles. Robbie Williams, a well-known British singer-songwriter, used to own the house, which has a lovely Tuscan-style design. Williams bought the house from Guess co-founder Armand Marciano for a large amount of money, $32.7 million, in 2015.

A Beautiful Property with Luxurious Features

Drake's Mansion is a symbol of wealth and luxury. It is set on a huge 20-acre property. The main house is an impressive 25,000 square feet and has ten bedrooms and twenty-two bathrooms, which is a lot. The house has many luxurious features, such as a garage for 11 cars, a wine cellar, a modern gym, a large game room, a private viewing room, and a lift for easy access. The outdoor areas also have a tennis court, a pool with mosaic tiles, and a thriving garden, which add to the beauty of the property.

Drake's real estate holdings and plans for the future

Drake's choice to sell his Beverly Hills Mansion may come as a surprise, but it's important to remember that the musician owns a lot of property. In his city of Toronto, he is very proud of the 50,000-square-foot "Embassy" house that he built himself from the ground up. This proof of his greatness and success shows how much he cares about his roots.

Previous deals with real estate

Drake's first few deals as a real estate agent have been very important. In the past year, he sold his famous "YOLO Estate" in Hidden Hills for $12 million, which was a nice amount of money. The Tudor-style house, which was bought for $7.7 million in 2012, got a lot of attention for its beautiful architecture and beautiful settings. Also, Drake helped the talented quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, Matthew Stafford, buy two Mansions next to each other for a total of $11 million.

Drake's choice to put his Beverly Hills Mansion on the market has definitely caught the attention of people all over the world who are interested in expensive real estate. Drake's good taste and the fact that the land is so beautiful have caused a buzz in the industry. As the house waits for its new owner, there is still the question of what Drake will do next in the world of real estate. Only time will tell what luxurious thing this famous rap artist will buy next.

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