Chris Brown Attacks Usher And Leaves Him With A Bloody Nose

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Chris Brown & Usher

A fresh controversy involving R&B singer Chris Brown has surfaced after he got into a fight with another musician, Usher.

Chris Brown and Usher reportedly got into a fight during Chris's surprise birthday party on May 5. Many of the R&B singers' fans have been longing for a duel between the two of them for some time now. 

How It Happened 

According to reports, Chris Brown insulted Teyana Taylor, causing the party to get v!olent. Both sides reportedly tried to diffuse the issue, but Brown Insult3d Usher, called him "C0ward" and stormed out of the party.

Apparently, Brown's crew assaulted Usher, leaving him with a bloodied nose, after Usher followed Brown to attempt to solve the problem.

Usher has recently made it clear that he wants to help bring R&B back and get people excited about it, so this fight couldn't have happened at a worse moment. 

Chris Brown and Usher Together
Chris Brown & Usher Taking Picture Together

Usher's Take on R&B

During an appearance on "Big Boy's Neighborhood," Usher addressed strategies to bring R&B back to the forefront of the music business, but he made it clear that a feud with Chris Brown was not one of them

Many are taken aback by this development since Usher is usually the one bringing people together. There has been speculation on social media over the last year about how this brawl would effect his forthcoming gigs at his Las Vegas residency.

Chris Brown and Usher have not addressed the issue publicly, and it is unclear whether they will do so in the future. It's true that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but be assured that we'll keep you abreast of any changes.

Over the weekend, Usher hosted his annual Lovers and Friends event in Las Vegas, and a slew of celebrities from the music business showed up. Fans are even more shocked by the allegations since there are several recordings of the two artists displaying affection for each other before the purported brawl went viral.

Check Out The Video Below to see How it all started:

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  1. It's so fascinating to see such a great musician pick some random fight like this

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