Young Thug Temporarily Released From Prison To Attend Sister's Funeral

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Young Thug Granted Temporary Release to Mourn Late Sister

After spending nearly a year behind bars, rapper Young Thug was reportedly granted a temporary release to mourn the passing of his older sister, Angela Grier. According to social media reports, Thug was allowed to visit his sister before she was laid to rest.

Thug's Temporary Release

Various reports from social media indicate that Thug was granted a temporary release from jail to visit his sister before her funeral. The rapper reportedly wore a suit and Air Force 1s during his time outside of jail. However, it seems that Thug had a private viewing of his sister and did not attend the actual funeral.

Thug's Sister's Passing

Thug's sister, Angela Grier, passed away last month, according to tributes shared on social media by her sisters. Shortly before her death, Grier spoke with her brother on a video call from jail. Thug has been behind bars since his arrest in May 2022, awaiting trial in the YSL RICO case.

Updates on the YSL RICO Case

Jury selection is currently ongoing in the high-profile YSL RICO case, in which Thug is a defendant. The trial may not begin until later this year. The judge in the case, Ural Glanville, has already sentenced a potential juror to three days in jail after she was caught filming the jury selection process on her phone. In a separate incident, another potential juror was assigned a 30-page essay after failing to appear for mandatory jury services.

Young Thug's temporary release to mourn his sister's passing is a glimmer of hope for the rapper, who has spent nearly a year behind bars. The ongoing YSL RICO case and its potential outcome remain uncertain, but Thug's love for his family is undeniable.

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