Wife Of Man Who Attacked 6ix9ine Is Asking For Money To Throw Her Husband Out Of Jail



It seems that the campaign in favor of the 6ix9ine aggressor has been removed

He may be enjoying his time in Cuba, but Tekashi 6ix9ine is still recovering from a v!olent att@ck. For years, the rapper incendiary targets its enemies, one after another. After becoming a federal witness against his gang affiliates, the rapper became a target of the industry, with a label of "whistleblower" following him with each step. Still, 6ix9ine remained undisturbed and provoked anyone who criticized him. However, several charts promised to face the artist, and a trio of men at the gym performed an att@ck.

Recently, a 6ix9ine video looking bloody and beaten appeared online. Soon, another followed, showing the hitmaker “Gooba” on the floor of a La Fitness bathroom being trampled, kicked and punched by a group of men. TMZ shared a photo of the rapper's injuries in the hospital and it was not long before the photos were released. Jamie Medina, wife of one of the suspects, Rafael Medina, had some things to say.

A quick check shows that the GoFundMe campaign has been removed. However, all Hip-Hop transmitted parts of Jamie's message. “My husband is Rafael Medina. I can't talk much about the situation because it's still in progress, but my husband defended what he believes, ”she wrote. “Which, unfortunately, ended up in a fight. It had nothing to do with influence. My husband doesn't even have a social network. GoFundMe is for everyone involved. ”

She accused social media users of spreading false information. “Rafael is a working and loving father and husband, who only made a mistake,” continued Medina. There are no excuses, but we hope during this period that we can unite, support and donate to the GoFundMe for all their cause and attorney's fees. ” It is unclear whether Medina ended the crowdfunding campaign or whether GoFundMe has excluded her.


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