Tory Lanez's Lawyer Says Rapper Is Being Wronged As A Tupac



The lawyer says that the tattoo AK-47 of Tory Lanez is a "tribute to his idol Tupac Shakur."

A California Bill approved days after the conviction of Tory Lanez is the way in which his lawyers will use for her appeal. The Canadian artist's legal team filed a new trial in the case of the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. According to Meghan Cuniff, they cited errors allowed by the judge who included evidence that violated their creative rights. The rapper's lawyer Jose Baez wrote that the judge “misunderstood” the tattoo of a weapon as evidence that portrayed the artist under an inaccurate light.

Jose Baez explained that the prosecutors “painted the defendant as an armed career criminal” by presenting a photo of the rapper's tattoo. He said the art of the firearm should not have been shown to the jurors in the first place. They argued that California laws prevent creative expression from entering the court. In addition, the AK-47 tattoo serves as a "tribute to its Tupac Shakur idol."

"Mr. Shakur used his music and tattoos to talk about socio-political issues that affected the black community in the 1990s," the document says. "However, he was also misunderstood." Baez argues that the prosecutors "revealed their real reason" when they showed the jurors shirtless with the gun tattoo. Just nine days after the jury considered Tory Lanez to blame, all three charges, the California Law, AB 2799, came into force.

In hip hop, specifically, the bill is of great importance because it restricts the use of rap letters in criminal proceedings. The late Drakeo The Ruler found him prosecuted, largely due to his creative expression rather than concrete evidence. Tory's legal team also said his music was reportedly introduced if he had chosen to be a witness. Prosecutors planned to reproduce a part of their music video.

The video in question shows Tory Lanez cutting the leg of a horse. His team believes his right to witness was "inadmissibly cooled" due to the possibility of impeachment evidence to enter the trial. As the California legislature has already approved AB 2799, they said he should be allowed to testify without his creative expression used against the rapper.

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