Swizz Beatz Hints That Battle Of Hits Between Lil Kim And Nicki Minaj Might Happen


Swizz Beatz could perhaps be arranging a new battle of hits between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim.

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland created something special with Verszuz Hit Battles. We've seen some of the biggest names in culture go head-to-head in a battle to see who has the most hits. 

While some say The Lox vs. Dipset was the best. However, Jill Scott vs. Erykah Badu was equally amazing. And by the looks of it, we might be getting another blockbuster matchup.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy asked the super producer if a battle of hits between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj was still on the table. Swizz Beatz kept it all under wraps but did reveal that there was something in the works. "Can't say, can't say," said Swizz. DJ Envy quickly says, "So there's still a possibility?"

 However, Swizz kept his mouth shut, saying, “Yeah, I can't say. I can not say. But just know if you're going to wait that long for Versus If we're going to make you wait that long, it's definitely going to be worth it.”

 According to the sources Swizz Beatz revealed a surprising dream he had with DMX. According to the super producer, the late rapper appeared to be relaxing somewhere far away, but came up to him to say he was fine.

 Beatz described feeling that the artist is still present in his life, even after his departure, and how the dream comforted him.

While Swizz Beatz hasn't given a clear answer, the possibility of a showdown between the two iconic MCs will be enough to generate big headlines. The news sent fans into a frenzy, wondering how the battle between the two artists will play out.

One user commented that Nicki Minaj fans might not be mature enough for a battle of hits as it's usually about showing love and respect and giving flowers to our legends.

However, many are just thinking that it's still on the table to begin with. Although Beats said, "If I'm quiet, things are happening." Hinting that his silence is analogous to a possible deal with the hit battle being done.

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