Soulja Boy Is Being Mocked After Becoming The First Rapper To Release A Music Video On Onlyfans



Soulja Boy in this regard, seems to have been beaten.

Soulja Boy is best known as one of today's most swashbuckling rappers. He has already earned the title of the first hip-hop lyricist to go “viral” on YouTube, as well as the person who influenced others to use BAPE. What he isn't the first person to do, however, is upload songs on 0nlyF@ns. NLE Choppa is really taking that award. The rapper didn't hesitate to rub it all in the "Crank That" hitmaker's face with a tweet this week.

"Yep souljaboy you still haven't posted a music video on 0nlyF@ns HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH," NLE Choppa wrote. Some interpreted this as Choppa paying too much attention to Soulja's N*#W account. Others, however, noticed that he was bragging about having beaten the competition. “NOW… why did you subscribe to his OF?”, someone challenged the “Do It Again” artist.

  Specifically, the Southern superstar faced backlash. While it might be a little too salacious for the general public's enjoyment, those who sign up for their NSFW account are sure to appreciate the adult-centric content.

According to sources, Diddy teased Soulja Boy by saying that he was the one who made everything first in hip-hop.

“We're here, doing what we do, doing it first, like we've always done. I am back. You know, Soulja Boy, I did everything first bro. Everything is fine. I said your name, I know you won't… but hey!” From there, Sean asked his followers to take a break from the “negative energy” offered by the internet. “Check it out, there's a lot of bad shit on the internet right now,” he said last year.

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