Rapper Flo Rida Is Not Helping To Pay For The Hospital Where Son Is Hospitalized After Falling From Building


Rapper Flo Rida’s son is hospitalised after falling from building


The result of the incident, Flo Rida's 6 -year -old son suffered a liver laceration, lung collapse and other injuries in the third month of the year began shockingly to Flo Rida, whose six -year -old son Zohar, Zoha Dajanela fell from the fifth floor of a building, resulting in some tragic injuries. According to the boy's mother, Alexis Adams suffered “a broken pelvis, left metatarsal fractures, grade 3 liver laceration, internal bleeding and lung collapse”, along with other painful results.

After the incident, Zohar's father filed a lawsuit against Pitch Perfect 74, LLC, Goldberg Management, the company that supervises the complex where his son almost lost his life. In addition to starting a legal investigation, Adams is also denouncing his ex, who is supposed to refuse to pay Zohar's medical bills. She says Flo Rida was previously notified to help her son in a court alimony agreement in 2018, but apparently not fulfilling his obligations.

“I am very grateful that my son is alive, fighting and still here with me. He is a real-life superhero, ”wrote Flo Rida on social networks last month, finding grace in the midst of the unfortunate situation. However he is supposed to be paying the bill, Flo said about his son's injuries, Zohar on Instagram.

"He is receiving the best medical care and has miraculously survived a tragic fall," the rapper confirmed. "I ask your continuous prayers as he goes through rehabilitation, but I would like this to remain a private matter." Of course, Alexis Adams expects Flo to pay his part of the fees, although she seems to be discounting all her anger at the apartment building managers.

According to his lawyer, Steven P. Haddad, Adams wants a judgement with the jury and the owners for not installing adequate protections on the windows. She believes they are taking care of the building "negligently, carelessly and recklessly, creating predictable and dangerous conditions."

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