Quavo Claims Jay-Z Is The Greatest Rapper And Will Smith The Greatest Actor Of All Time


Quavo has revealed his list of the best rappers and actors.

Quavo is known by many as a hitmaker and rap master, and is even considered by some to be the best. However, the artist definitely has the back catalogue to back it up. Whether it's legendary collaborations with the likes of Frank Ocean, Drake and Travis Scott or hit records with his former group, Migos.

Currently, rapper Quavo has been quiet, releasing a few singles, since the tragic death of his nephew Takeoff in November 2022. Also, rapper Only Built For Infinity Links has been busy working on his acting skills in the new Peacock movie , “Praise This”. It's nice to see the rapper do things outside of music too. Not to mention he's acted before. His part in Donald Glover's “Atlanta” is absolutely priceless.

On an episode of Talk with Complex, Quavo and his co-star Chloe Bailey shared some of their best artists. When asked who the greatest rapper of all time was, he only had one answer, Jay-Z. The rapper said, "Gotta go Jay-Z. Great businessman, OG”.

Quavo continued, "[He] gives us lessons and shows us the way." The artist is among the many rappers who hold Jay in high regard when it comes to rapping and his business acumen. While his co-star had multiple answers to the question, one of them being Quavo himself, the ex-Migos rapper didn't hesitate to pick his GOAT.

When they broached the subject of the greatest actor of all time, Quavo gave his answers with equal speed. “Ooooh it has to be Will Smith,” he replied. Even Chloe Bailey agreed that her choice was a good one. “Because Ali is my favorite movie,” the Atlanta native explained.

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