Offset Reveals That Quality Control Is Preventing Him From Releasing New Songs



Offset said he pursued a solo career after revising his contract.

The divergence between offset and Quality Control Music may seem silent on social networks, but is hot in court. The rapper filed a lawsuit against the label regarding his rights as a solo artist. Rumors about the tension within the ex group, Migos, emerged, and they were reinforced when Takeoff and Quavo launched a joint project, UnC & Phew.

Offset then followed his solo career, which was quickly interrupted when the news of a process was shared. The rapper allegedly led Quality Control Music to the court, and they are under discussion about who owns their solo recordings. The label wants to be credited, but it seems that the artist is trying to distance himself.

The online radar claims to have obtained documents about the case, and the rap star would have said that QCM was interfering with its ability to release new songs. In 2021, it reads in the documents, Set "started to understand all the branches of the business he has established."

After reviewing his contract, Set wanted to launch his projects alone, claiming that he and QCM even negotiated an agreement. In it, the rapper could “claim the rights of his solo recording and composition,” said Radar. In addition, Offset said he paid his label for the rights of his music. However, after releasing its track “54321”, QCM allegedly tried to claim the rights of music. "Offset now brings this action to claim their rights and make it clear to the world that offset, not quality control music, owns offset music," the process said. Meanwhile, Quality Control Music asked the process to be closed.

According to Radar Online: “The label claimed that it had an agreement with Capitol Records that required Capital to give up all Capitol's rights in sound recordings obtained by the Quality Control 'artist' that had provided Capitol back to Quality Control Music ”. The rapper wants his new agreement with QCM to exceed any agreement that the label has.

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