Kim Kardashian Look-alike Dies Aged 34 After Plastic Surgery



Model Ashten Gourkani, who was successful as a look-alike to Kim Kardashian, has died at the age of 34.

Imitation can be seen as a high form of flattery, as Oscar Wilde said, but the second part of his quote is often overlooked: "that mediocrity can pay for greatness." However, imitating celebrities can become a lucrative career. There are look-alikes of Pamela Anderson and Taylor Swift, for example, who have been successful.

In addition to these, there is Christina Ashten Gourkani, known professionally as “Ashten G”. She rose to fame as a model and content creator on OnlyFans, becoming notable for her Kim Kardashian likeness and surgically-enhanced body. With 620,000 followers on Instagram, Gourkani was a successful creator on OnlyFans.

An announcement posted on her Instagram account reported that Christina Ashten Gourkani has passed away. The post's caption asked fans to contribute to a crowdfunding fund to cover funeral costs, while expressing the family's sadness at the sudden loss of their "beautiful and beloved daughter and sister."

Gourkani was born in October 1988 in the United States to a family of Iranian origin. She was 34 years old and eight years younger than Kim Kardashian, with whom she bears a striking physical resemblance. According to crowdfunding online, Gourkani's funeral is scheduled for May 4.

According to information released by the family, Gourkani's death is being investigated as a homicide related to a medical procedure gone wrong. She reportedly suffered cardiac arrest during cosmetic surgery, but the family has not released further details about the case at this time. The post also claimed that Gourkani's health was on a downward spiral before his passing.

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