Drake Says "We're 'Identical Twins" After Fans Mistake Rick Ross's Face For Drake

Luis Suela

Drake and Rick Ross have undeniably created some of the most iconic music in Hip-Hop, with a long-standing collaboration spanning over a decade. Although they share a great chemistry that led to considerations of a joint album titled The YOLO Tape years ago, they look nothing alike. However, that didn't stop two ladies from mistaking Rick Ross for Drake while he was in Jamaica.

On Sunday (Apr. 9), Rick Ross took to his Instagram Story to share some glimpses of his trip to the island, where he was scheduled to perform. Apart from indulging in the local cuisine and soaking in the tropical scenery, he was also seen with two local women who appeared to be fans.

During the interaction, one of the ladies confidently exclaimed that Rick Ross was Drake, while the other followed suit after some hesitation. The MMG honcho quickly corrected them, and the ladies joined in on the laughter.

It's not surprising that fans could mistake Rick Ross for Drake, given their musical history. However, Rick Ross was quick to remind his fans and followers of who he really is. Using his best patois, he declared himself as "The big belly rude boy, true ting dis," adding some Jamaican flair to his reply.

Rick Ross's interaction with fans in Jamaica highlights the cultural impact of Hip-Hop music and the artists who create it. Despite being from different parts of the world, fans can connect with their favorite artists and their music, bringing them together in a unique way.

However, while Rick Ross and Drake may share a musical bond, they are two distinct individuals who look nothing alike. And as Rick Ross declared, he is the "big belly rude boy" and the "Biggest Boss," and not Drake.

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