Drake Is Angry After AI Uses Rapper's Voice To Sing Ice Spice's "Munch"



Drake gets frustrated to see artificial intelligence using his voice

Our rapper Drake recently expressed his frustration after discovering that his voice had been used in a version of the song “Munch” by rapper Ice Spice, created with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI).

The song in question was created using a technique known as “deepfake”, which uses AI algorithms to simulate human voices and appearances very realistically. But the rapper didn't like that, the artist went to social media where he reposted a post where his voice was used in the song. The artist disgustedly captioned "That's the last straw," showing that he wasn't happy or satisfied with the situation.

The case raises many important questions about intellectual property and the use of advanced technologies in the music industry. While AI has the potential to create new forms of art and push the boundaries of human creativity, it is important to ensure that artists' rights are protected and that they have control over the use of their image and voice.

According to the Financial Times, Universal Music Group recently asked major streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music to prevent AI platforms from using their music to "train" their technology.

UMG representative's words: "We have a moral and commercial responsibility to our artists to work to prevent unauthorized use of their music and to prevent platforms from ingesting content that violates the rights of artists and other creators", "We hope that our partners platforms wish to prevent their services from being used in a way that harms artists.”

JAY-Z's longtime engineer Young Guru echoed a similar sentiment earlier this year, issuing a stern warning about the potential legal and ethical implications of people having their voices cloned by artificial intelligence.

“We are in a very innovative moment, in technology and society, but also dangerous. It's not technology's fault, it's the harm we men do with technology," he wrote on Instagram after stumbling upon a video of someone creating a song from scratch using a voice filter to make it sound exactly like Kendrick Lamar.

Note well: we must respect the work of our artists because music is the expression of someone's feelings or emotions

“There are legal aspects because you can't copyright a voice right now. (Midler v. Ford Motor Co.). You can record a song or a speech, but not the voice itself!!! You can literally create a song or an album in your favorite musician's voice. And that's just music. The ability to create a Manchurian candidate scares me. Think about it across all industries.”

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