Doja Cat Responds After Being Accused Of Selling Her Soul To The Devil



Doja Cat explained that her latest tattoo is meant to represent imperfection, not worship the dev!l.

These days, it's more common than not to see some accusations of Satanism floating around the hip-hop world. Lil Uzi Vert had a bit of a monopoly on dev!l worship claims, but other stars have faced similar allegations.

The case is suspicious however beyond that, the latest to do so is Doja Cat, who responded to h@ters on Instagram who thought her latest tattoo was too close to religious matters.

"I'm not a fan anymore," commented one user under the photo of a human-animal hybrid that the "Woman" singer tattooed on her. Words from anonymous: “I used to love you, but you clearly sold your soul to the dev!l. Unfollow." To that comment specifically, Doja Cat responded in a way that could very well have applied to all the h@te coming her way. “Whatever helps you sleep at night,” she responded to the dismissive attitude the commenter assumed. Not only that, but she added an explanation of her artwork in another post.

Doja Cat before the controversy about her image

“Images from the 1665 edition of Fortune Liceity's De Monstris,” Doja Cat’s explanation quoted in another post. “Originally published, without the illustrations, in 1616. Liceity's work, while not the first on the subject of deformities in nature, was perhaps the most influential of the period. In the wake of one book, there was a huge increase in interest across Europe in 'monstrosities like': pygmies, supposed mermaids, deformed fetuses' and other natural wonders were displayed and widely discussed, becoming the circus freak shows of their time. ”.

In related news, Doja Cat responded after losing her blue verified badge on Twitter. The 27-year-old singer has made headlines recently for her strange behavior on social media. His online antics have been the subject of scrutiny from all sides, even his fans. Still, Doja seems to remain unconcerned, often tweeting things that seem totally nonsensical. However, taking a look at her Twitter feed will tell you everything you need to know about why she's acting this way."

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