6ix9ine Was Assaulted By A High-ranking Member Of The Latin Kings Gang, Allies Of The Bloods

Luis Suela


The police identified Rafael Medina Jr. as president of the Latin Kings of Palm Beach.

Nearly a week has passed since Takashi 6ix9ine has been att@cked at LA Fitness in Florida. Eventually, three men entered The gym LA Fitness, where they caught the rapper relaxing in the sauna and b3at him to the floor. The gym staff had to take him to safety while the police quickly arrived on the scene.


Between the cellphone footage, security cameras, and publicity surrounding the att@ck, it seemed impossible that the att@ckers would go unidentified. The police announced that they had made three arrests in the case. Authorities arrested Rafael Medina Jr., his son, Octavius Medina, and a third man, Anthony Maldonado, on preliminary charges of assault and robbery. However, the latest case update involves the oldest of the three suspects and their alleged ties to the Bloods.

According to TMZ, the Palm Beach County Sheriff revealed that Rafael Medina Jr. is a member of the Latin Kings gang. He has held a high-ranking position with Long Beach's Latin Kings Palm for the past several years. Medina Jr. reportedly holds the title of “Inca” – meaning the president of a group within the gang, according to Gang Unit Detectives. At this point, it remains unclear whether he acted alone or on behalf of the Latin Kings. Still, the connection alone seems to put some pieces together.

The publication reports that the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has identified the Latin Kings as allies of the Bloods. As you'll recall, Takashi 6ix9ine took a stand against the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods - a subset of the United Blood Nation.

Medina Jr. was previously convicted on criminal charges in the mid-2000s during a federal case involving the Latin Kings. Again, it's unclear what the motivation is behind the 6ix9ine att@ck, but the revelation about Medina Jr. suggests that he probably had more to do with street politics than Takashi's Internet antics.

However, we will keep you posted with further updates on the case.


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