Wiz Khalifa Becomes A Joke After Showing Foot On Social Media

Luis Suela

Wiz Khalifa's photos from his fun studio sessions got a stronger response than he probably expected.

When Wiz Khalifa shared some photos of him relaxing in the studio, he probably didn't expect so many people to make fun of his feet. Furthermore, the Pittsburgh rap icon posted some images on Twitter of him smoking, getting a massage, playing Xbox, and fiddling with his phone. People were stunned on the social media platform, pointing out how weird her feet looked. People have shared some hilarious reactions, whether it's the cleanliness or the foot tattoos. While he has yet to respond to jokes online, chances are he's laughing along.

“Are you kicking the pancake mix my boy??” one user hilariously wrote. Another wrote, “are you burning your feet bro? Cum". Overall, responses ranged from disgust to jokes about ash and the Bob Marley tattoo on Wiz's left foot. “Even Bob Marley wondering why his toes look the way they do,” one user tweeted. However, some people have also pointed out that it could be the result of a medical condition.

Still, Wiz seems unfazed by the comments, though getting a reaction from him could potentially be hilarious. Currently, he seems to be in a very positive and driven space, enjoying the process as much as the outcome. “I don't feel any pressure to top what I've already done,” the rapper recently tweeted.

“Just keep adding and staying authentic to where I am in my life. In a world full of formula-driven records, I'm doing what feels good and what I feel people would like. I wish peace and happiness to all artists because navigating a long-term career is not easy. I'm showing all my Taylors what it looks like when done right."

In related news, Wiz Khalifa and Anderson. Paak has announced a new collaboration. The pair bonded over a studio session earlier this month, which Wiz happily shared a photo of on Twitter. “I got out of bed and went to the studio with Anderson Paak,” he wrote with a drum emoji. “We have to play along the way.”

Check out the Twitter posts below:

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