Tasha K's Loss in Cardi B's $4 Million Defamation Case: What Really Happened

Luis Suela


 Cardi B filed a $ 4 million defamation lawsuit against popular blogger Tasha K in 2019 after Tasha K made false and defamatory statements about Cardi B on her YouTube channel. Tasha K claimed that Cardi B was a prostitute who had herpes and worked as a stripper. Cardi B, who  denied the allegations, sued Tasha K for defamation. 

  Tasha K's plea and apology to Cardi B 

 After losing the original trial in November 2021, Tasha K filed an appeal in December 2021. However, in March 2022, the appeal was dismissed and the judge upheld the previous conviction. Tasha K posted an apology  on her YouTube channel after the verdict, expressing regret for her actions and admitting that her claims were false and hurtful. 

  Cardi B's defamation against Tasha K  received extensive media attention due to the high-profile parties involved and the large amount of money involved. The case  also sparked debate about the use of social media to spread false information and the legal consequences of online defamation.  


 The outcome of this case is a reminder that spreading false information and making defamatory statements  can have serious legal consequences. It is important that individuals  exercise care and responsibility when sharing information online and are aware of the potential legal consequences of their actions. 


 The Cardi B vs. Tasha K defamation case highlights the potential legal consequences of spreading false information online. With  Tasha K's complaint dismissed and Cardi B's subsequent apology, it's clear that individuals need to be responsible and careful when sharing information online. As the case continues to generate debate and  media attention, it serves as a reminder of the need for accountability and responsible online behavior.

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