Rick Ross And Meek Mill Reunite For New Musical Collaboration

Luis Suela


Rick Ross and Meek Mill, two of the biggest names in rap, have reunited for a new collaboration that has fans buzzing. The two artists announced the release of their new single, which is set to drop in the coming weeks, on social media.

The news of the collaboration comes as a surprise to many fans, as the two artists had previously had a falling out a few years back. However, it seems that they have put their differences aside and are back to making music together.

Ross and Mill have a history of making hits together, with their past collaborations including "I'm a Boss," "Tupac Back," and "Stay Schemin'." Fans are excited to see what they have in store this time around.

The announcement of the new collaboration has also sparked rumors of a potential joint album between the two artists. While neither Ross nor Mill have confirmed the rumors, fans are hopeful that this could be a possibility in the future.

Aside from their upcoming collaboration, both Ross and Mill have been busy with their own projects. Ross recently released his album "Richer Than I've Ever Been," while Mill dropped his highly-anticipated album "Expensive Pain" last year.

In addition to their music careers, Ross and Mill have also been vocal about their activism and social justice work. Both artists have been actively involved in criminal justice reform and have used their platforms to raise awareness about social issues.

Overall, the announcement of the new collaboration between Rick Ross and Meek Mill has fans excited for what's to come. With their history of making hit songs together, it's safe to say that their upcoming release will be no exception.

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