Pastor Pretends To Be "God" And Demands S3x With A Believer For "Salvation"

Luis Suela

Pastor threatens faithful and his family pretending to be God in Goiás.

This past Tuesday afternoon (14), a pastor named Márcio Cabral Conceição was arrested, suspected of raping a 20-year-old faithful, after threatening her and her family in Goiás. According to Uol, the victim participated with her husband in a Bible study group coordinated by the pastor, who after a while, prohibited the man's participation and began to convince her to have s3xu@l intercourse with him to seek salvation.

He even convinced her to go to a square in Goiânia and later to a motel. The victim further alleges that when she began to deny the priest's attempts, he began to threaten her husband and daughter. Analyzing some messages exchanged by the victim and the pasture, he even put himself as God himself and even said: “I answer your prayers, stupid”. In another passage, the pastor also threatens the victim's husband: “Who (sic) reject me, is my enemy. I'm going to kill half the world's population, and if you don't leave your husband dead for the living, I'll pick you up."

In excerpts from a conversation by message, released by the police, the pastor says that if the victim met with the Father (referring to God), he would have no mercy on her. “I am the lord of armies, the creator of heaven and earth, no one can defeat me. If you don't send a message tomorrow from inside the bus, everything I said to (sic) your respect will come true," wrote the suspect.

According to the report by police chief Amanda Menuci Petelinkar, from the Police Station Specialized in Assistance to Women (Deam), Márcio Cabral Conceição, who served as a pastor for seven years, presented himself as a minister of biblical studies and, in the meetings he scheduled, began to use contrivances to convince the victim that his spiritual salvation depended on him.

“The suspect and the victim had a relationship of trust. He even knew details of her life. He knew that she had already suffered s3xu@l abuse in her childhood, and he used that trust to coerce her”, explained the police chief.

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