Ne-Yo Will Have Another Child With His Mistress

Luis Suela

Ne-Yo has announced that he and his lover, Sade, are going to have their second child together. It all started in 2005 when the singer announced that he was going to be a father. However, this is not the case. His girlfriend at the time was cheating on him, and the baby wasn't his. The next woman, Monyetta, had him sterilized after their second child, with both of them thinking that was what they wanted for their relationship.

They had this conversation for months, and the doctor asked both of them 8 times if they were right about it. Both said yes. Ne-Yo even stated that he would have a vasectomy, to show solidarity in their relationship. Later, the singer found out that he actually wanted to have a lot of children, so he broke up with her and moved on.

The next girl, Crystal Renay, is second to last. Ne-Yo actually married her and this is the longest relationship he has had. They were married in 2015, with their first child on the way. After the second, they were on the verge of getting divorced. However, Covid came along and stopped them. Being stuck indoors with nothing to do, they reconciled their differences and had their third child. They got married again in Las Vegas.

However, eventually, Ne-Yo started to get impatient. He cheated on Renay with Sade and got her pregnant. The singer must have guessed that his oath did not involve monogamy. She claimed he was sleeping with "women who sold their bodies". When Renay found out, they started filing for divorce again. This was not even a year into their renewed marriage.

The artist assumed that the couple would solve her problem of not liking him sleeping with other women, but Ne-Yo was wrong. They divorced and the singer continued seeing Sade, as evidenced by her having another child with him.

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