Lil Wayne Says His $ 160 Million Fortune Listed On Google Is Fake

Luis Suela


Lil Wayne said he is a "zillion dollar" figure by researching his $ 160 million listed equity in the search engine.

When you are as talented, successful and beloved as Lil Wayne, it's hard to put a price on you. Wayne recently talked about her Google equity, listed at $ 160 million, during an interview with Culture Millennials. In addition, the rapper talked about how the claims of how much he has are not even close to what he really has.

However, before you think he's bragging, the artist minimized the amount and said he didn't have so much money. Of course, Wayne acknowledged that it is good for people to think he is worth so much, but he still refused to really bet on it. “Honestly, I'll let everyone know now,” commented Weezy. "When you will check the shareholders' equity from sh*t and this is saying some crazy numbers, I don't have a penny near that shit."

“Yes, I don't have it, but I think they mean that this is what I have. So, I'm always calling my agent and saying, ‘I'm telling you, bro, I'll fire you because I don't need you. 'I researched that, do you know what I mean? I have a zillion dollars in Google Mano… It's motivation, that's all. It's just motivation. ”

In addition, this conversation is probably related to a recent story about how Jay-Z's equity has reached $ 2.5 billion, according to Forbes. In fact, this is a breakthrough for HOV, considering that Forbes has evaluated its equity by $ 1.4 billion for only one year. Although it is almost double the original value, the publication did not detail how it came to this estimate. As such, many people responded with compliments, along with the typical discussion about what is really worth all this money.

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